Your Guide To Success - Olympiad

Every student of today is well familiar with the word Olympiad. The school level Olympiad exams are held by different organisations like Eduheal foundation every year for all classes. Olympiad exams are extremely useful for all classes from class 1 to class 10. These exams are meant to bring students from different schools and different boards on the same platform. It promotes in depth learning in the same subjects that are taught in class with added knowledge. It helps the students to identify their strengths and weaknesses. These exams assess students’ subject knowledge and also help them to identify their interests.  It also motivates them to improve their academic scores. The EHF Olympiad conducts the exams every year for students of class 1 to class 12. These MCQ pattern exams help build up logical reasoning and critical thinking abilities among all participants.

 Olympiad exams widely strengthen students’ subject knowledge. These are the best exams at the school level where students can apply their knowledge to answer questions. Olympiads help students to master fundamentals .It helps them to improve their analytical skills and gives them a better idea about their potential. Students can identify and work on their interest as well as weaknesses. It challenges their intellect and promotes deeper understanding of scientific fact.

 Each and every Olympiad exam has a different objective. These are designed to test students’ skills on various subjects like English, Math, Science, Sports, G.K, Computer etc. The main objective of EHF Olympiad is to nurture upcoming scientists, mathematicians, artists, IT experts, language experts, engineers, doctors, finance experts, astronomers and many more such abilities in the young minds. The students who secure ranks in the Olympiad exams are awarded scholarships .

Olympiad syllabus is as per the curriculum set by the leading boards of the country. It mainly based on the CBSE curriculum but also includes syllabus of ICSE and State boards. Students who practice for Olympiad exams automatically practice for school exams, as the subject topics are almost the same. Olympiad exams give students the leverage to delve deep into topics that are taught in class. It gives them additional knowledge and thus builds up their intellect. Logical reasoning is an important segment of all Olympiads. This section makes students apply critical thinking and analytical thinking to all questions. It also builds their problem solving abilities, thus preparing them better for competitions of tomorrow. There is not much difference between the school syllabus and Olympiad syllabus but these exams indulge in more details than that required for school assessments. The students get to know how to face challenges and be .confident in the higher exams after class 12 like IIT and NEET. The students can also get opportunities to earn scholarships and study abroad with subject of their own choice.

 Students can  take EHF  Olympiad exams in the same subjects that are taught in school such as Maths or NIMO, Science or NISO, GK or IGO, Computer or ICO English or IEO and also some other subjects like Biotechnology or NBTO, Finance or BIFO, Space Science, or NSSO, Art, Sports, IIT- NEET Olympiad. The students of each class can participate in the Olympiads according to their choice and interest. These exams are to enhance existing knowledge, increase individual intellect and make students master subject knowledge and hence build up a career of their own in future.