Exams Are The Tools For Success

Students and exams are complimentary to each other. Examination is a part of excelling in the academic process. It is the way which helps in the evaluation and assessment of the students' progression. It brings along with it stress, anxiety, and fear in the students. The major reason for the stress of the examination is because of the notion that attaining good marks is the only way to judge the students. In order to beat the stress of the examination, the student needs to be prepared for it from beforehand. The student must take the examination as a process of evaluating himself and not as a burden. There are exams beyond school assessments and students can take these exams as a practice for higher exams. The Olympiads are such exams which are conducted by different organisations like Eduheal Foundation to remove the fear of exams from the minds of students.

The examination has become a troublesome problem for most of the students and this fear grows with each class as exams become more tougher with higher classes. An examination is necessary and essential for knowing one’s level of learning in the class. But the development in recent years has made school more and more exam centric and learning is becoming much stressed and burdensome.  Olympiad exams have brought in fresh air in this age old exam system.  Although these are talent search exams they don't create any fear within students. These exams on the contrary help the students to reduce the burden of school assessments. These are MCQ pattern exams and students find them more interesting and challenging than the regular school exams.

Teachers and students in school should aim at learning without burden and learning has to be seen as an enjoyable activity, not a stressful exercise as it happens today. The reasons for this undesirable problem are many. First is the heavy syllabus and textbook and the pattern of questions for class assessments. Students who have no say in the way the schools plan and conduct their classes and examinations have to undergo the burden of writing subjective type of answers in examinations. Secondly, parents expect the students to perform very well and from the very beginning and also to be career oriented. This increases the burden on students who are naturally different from one another. The third is the students themselves who somehow want to get a very high percentage of marks in order to be successful. The EHF Olympiads exams are conducted every year for students of class 1 to class 12 on different subjects. The students can choose the subjects of their choice and appear in that particular exam. They are not compelled to appear for any Olympiad exam but are always welcome to take these as positive challenges. The students  can appear in any or all exams like Science Olympiad, English Olympiad, Math Olympiad, Computer Olympiad, G.K Olympiad to mention a few. Also they may prefer some more exams like Biotechnology, Finance, Space Science, IIT-NEET Olympiad which may be more interesting than regular school subjects.

For school assessments, teachers are under compulsion to complete the syllabus timely and for students the syllabus is the goal for doing well in the examination. The Students are thus under a lot of stress to perform well in examinations. The syllabus for EHF Olympiad exams is same as the school syllabus based on CBSE Curriculum and so students need not feel any added pressure. Moreover the awards and scholarships granted to the merited students adds confidence in the students.

The fear of failure and poor performance in class exams gives them nightmares. Schools also encourage the students to take the Olympiad exams so that the students come to know about positive competition in better and stress free method. They get to face competition  from school itself and can easily succeed in future. These who prefer to study abroad will have a better practice with these exams.

Sometimes the regular school assessments fail to actualize the true potential. of a student .The Olympiads are a true test of a student's knowledge, potential and ability .So students don't be scared of exams but take them with confident mind .Appear in the different Olympiad exams like NISO, NIMO, ICO, NINO, BIFO, IEO, IGO etc and steadily get the practice of exams and competition that will help you find a career of your choice.